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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 24, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PST

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a safari guy calms an angry elephant so the group can get away but -- >> here she comes again! >> why this time she's not quite as nice. >> hey, hey, hey >> a thief staggers to the jewelry display when -- >> her pants f >> why that's not the biggest hurdle to cracking this case. >> looks like she already cracked it. >> would you be kind enough to just give me some facts ? >> an ad with an attorney talking to a doll. >> has raised some eyebrows. >> meet the lawyer who says it's
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only weird if it doesn't work. >> i'm the type of attorney that will fight like hell to get the best >> and get ready to -- >> get freaked out of your skin. >> the creature who makes a flying l >> whoa! >> if you can't go on a safari today, what's the next best thing? >> going on on >> okay. so the second next best thing would be videos from kruger national park in south africa. the kruger -- they have gotten so into this they are doing live streaming. in this particular video you will see a livestream that reportedly thousands of people were watching thatte entwent a little bit wron >> oh, that's a big elephant. >> is that the guide right there? his solution is -- >> okay. crocodile dundee. >> listen to him. he does exactly that. >> you're an old lady and i
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respect you. >> he's kind of whispering. >> you can hear the elephant kind of growling. >> obviously she doesn't like being called old. >> y? so they left the elephant be and decide to go on another path. the elephant is not happy about that either. >> hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! okay. enough. hey! hey! >> the elephant charges right at the vehicle and head butts it. you can hear the metal just creeking and cracking. the screen goes black and this is what happens right after. >> she's opened up the side of the vehicle. more than a sardine can. >> we get a shot of exactly what this elephant did to this vehicle. >> there and there's the other hole. >> wow! >> the tusks just pierced the
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side of the vehicle. >> you can see how she lifted the vehicle up and actually pushed it sideways. >> fortunately, no one was injured. >> i'm shaken. >> hey, hey! >> i have two robbery videos here. this first one, this woman decided that she was going to rob this jewelry store. as soon as she walks in carrying a rock to break the display case, her pants fall. as she's carrying this rock. >> looks like she already cracked it. oh wait never mind. >> she takes the time to put her pants back up. >> what's in her crack? >> looks like she's already stolen something. >> she drops the rock on the case breaks it ends up taking some jewelry from behind the case. it looks like there's finally someone behind the glass here closes the little window. >> she probably smashed all the stuff . >> she does manage to load her bag, though. then she drops something, picks it back up and just makes an
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exit. nobody comes to fight this woman. >> would you? i wouldn't. >> would you approach somebody that bananas? >> no thank you. >> she got away. >> they're like hey, can you just pull your pants down in the lineup. >> in the uk, you see these two men walking into the jewelry store, one of them holding a sledge hammer. >> that's got to be terrifying for the clerks inside the store when people walk in with helmets on. >> they take a sledge hammer to break through thedoor. once they're in they start breaking theash that same sledge hammer. did you that is actually a bomb that the thieves set off to smoke the entire store, get away with what they were doing, and not be able to be seen on camera. >> sneaky. >> they got away with a lot. in fact thousands and thousands of dollars worth of watches, some cartiers. >> michael fumara has been named
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one of the top 100 trial lawyers. he is also a practicing attorney in california. but his latest internet video has raised some eyebrows. look and see what happens for yourself. >> we have sometimes the most difficult clients. one such client, candy wolinski -- you don't mind that we're using your real name right? no. she said no. >> as you can see, he's talking to a doll sitting in his lap and he's talking about prostitution law. >> can i -- what have you been charged with? >> baby it's so big. >> this guy is an attorney? >> the doll has some interesting things to say. keep watching. >> would you be kind enough to just give me some facts of what happened? >> roses are red, violets are blue. [ bleep ]. >> so many things that happen in the courtroom are theeatricstheatrics. >> this is more eccentric than your average lawyer. i think that's why it's getting
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so much attention, right? >> i would think this would cut down on your credibility. the question of the hour what in the world were you doing with that doll in your lap? >> that doll was a prop. that's a little gag gift. i was making fun of a serious situation but also to say to people we have work coming in we have horror stories in this firm because many attorneys will send us the most difficult clients and that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> where did the idea come from? >> you know what i need some humor because i need to laugh, because it's so stressfu therefore, i just thought of this idea. >> are you worried that it may be affecting your credibility as a trial attorney? >> no. i think what it does is it shows that i am going to push the limit for my clients because i'm the type of attorney that will fight like hell to get the best results. >> what do you want people to know about your video? what are your intentions? >> the intent is to laugh, get a life enjoy yourself. i didn't do this for any marketing reason. i did it because i wanted to have a little bit of fun.
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it just got a lot of publicity. >> it's time for some sales from around the world. the first one comes to us from sout. what's happening is he got hooked in the neck. so it's on video, you can see his face with his mouth wide . sorry. >> at least the guy doesn't have to go home empty-handed. he caught something. >> a 6'3" african guy. >> oh! >> the guy kind of knocking into his arm while apologizing at the >> how is he laughing? >> that's how guys work. it's funny. >> this is going to [ bleep ]. >> just yanks it out. >> oh, just like that?
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>> then the guy that hooks him, what does he get? high five. >> i thought he was going to shove him into the water or something. >> and everyone goes back to fishing. >> our next one, first up we've got john crossing the river here. you can see he knows what he's doing. however, ross might be new. >> he overpacks. looks like he bought everything that was on sale at dick's sporting goods. he strapped it on and went outs he would have gotten less wet if he would have just walked across. while everybody's having fun, ross is going to be like drying things over the . >> a snowmobile derby goes way off one good wipeout leads to another. and we have never seen koala bears fight but you have. >> ringside seats. >> why even a rake can't break .
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ñzuuap uhá
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a video has recently surfaced out of pakistan which is kind of like a two and a half minute action movie slash family drama. videos like this are why i love doing this show. you can hear people ar they see this truck and as it quickly bangs into the side of this motorway. i should tell you the brakes have failed on this truck and the driver's jumped out. >> no way! >> this truck is now out of control heading down a hill on a highway in pakistan, driverless this is when the father thinks that this is just getting sill [ speaking a foreign language ] >> his wife's like no no no. don't be ridiculous. he's like this is an out of
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control truck. someone's going to get killed. >> oh, my god. >> no. >> he jumps in it. this is where the drama really comes, because the family are terrified. this is where his son who's shooting right now jumps out of the car and it's heartbreaking. this is where it really tugs at the heartstrings of me because i'm a dad. >> papa! papa! papa! >> watching his father roll away in an out of control truck as he's trying to save other after just over a mile he actually brought it to a halt everybody's safe no one was hurt. in fact you can see a photo posted to facebook by his wife. the comment is this my husband, my hero. >> quick update. since this story first aired on "right this minute" we have heard that the hero has become something of a sensation in his native pakista
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he received an award for his bravery from a government official but in true form he downplayed his bravery calling it just a small action that he's sure any pakistani would do. he's a hero to me. >> it is your lucky day because you have ringside seats to two of the furriest fights you have this first one, a koala fight. there's actually a male and female koala fighting at the lone pine koala sanctuary near brisbane, australia. workers at the sanctuary are trying to stop the fight. they're playing referee, if you will. >> what could they be fighting over? all they do is eat eucalyptus and sleep. >> we don't know how the fight ended. my guess is it was a draw. remember i said you had ringside seats to two furry fights. this one, you are really going ♪ >> are those rats?
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>> yes. >> that's boxing. >> are those train tracks? >> yes. the grand street subway station in new york and those rats are going at it. >> kung fu kicks and stuff. this is crazy. >> look how fast they are. wow. >> that's actually really really weird fight. >> my money's on the guy on the left. >> this one was also a d >> millions of people across this country love nascar. the folks in wisconsin love the snowmobile racing. they get started pretty quick, things go sideways. heck of a crash there right into the first turn. this is flat track oval racing, part of the eagle river world championship snowmobile derby. >> so cool. they are so low to the ground. >> you can see how quickly they get going. watch the guy in the bright yellow there. >> he lost it immediately.
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>> how did they not see the guy? he's bright yellow. >> looks like two of those guys get collected. the guy cardell falls off, the sled goes sliding into two other guys. they go falling off as well. that was a pretty bad wreck and tough break for cardell potter. however, this was just a preliminary race. the next day, cardell, the guy in the yellow went on to the last chance qualifier race did well in that moved on to the main event and wound up winning the entire thing. >> came back strong. >> you can tell that he recovers well. he's back up on his feet. >> guy's ready to go. you can't keep him down. >> actually looks like a lot of fun to crash because you do just slide across the ice. >> doesn't look like anybody was injured in this wreck but it's a religion in parts of wisconsin, >> a lady scopes out the ice cream but then this scene becomes a real live horror
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story. why what she does next will leave a bad taste >> oh, no! that's disgusting! >> and embarrassing secrets are revealed when one guy decides to read and draw the diary of his 10-year-old self. >> like i could get all the ladies or something, kiss all of them and then be home by .
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i have the most horrifying surveillance video in the history of surveillance vide. >> you better deliver. you better deliver. do not disappoint me. >> this is like a real life horror story. >> she's pulling -- oh, wait. >> oh, no. is she going to put it back? >> oh, no! >> oh, that's disgusting. >> she tasted it and put it ba. opened it up and just licked it. >> hopefully somebody will open it and realize there's something wrong with it and not eat it. >> another thing i have to worry about in this world of f this woman has ruined ice cream for the girl >> so you guys aren't freaked out by people licking ice cream and putting it back in the freezer? >> it's gross but not going to kill us. >> okay. well i'm going to freak you out.
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this is at a bar in poland. this fellow we're seeing might have been overserved. >> so he's vomiting now? >> that's what i thought. >> evidently he's so confused -- >> he's washing his hands and face at the urinal. >> no, he's drinking! >> all right, i'm out on that come on! >> let's just hope this guy didn't go into a convenience store and lick some ice cream. >> see, exac >> recently i found my childhood diary from when i was in elementary school and wow, i was one weird kid. >> i decided i shared so much with you guys i'm actually going to read it. >> because why not? >> we get a peek into his life and it's embarrassing and hilarious. >> how would you start your journal? dear diary, dear journal, what
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do you think? he's 10 years old. >> he's a dude so i don't think dear diary or dear journal. i think it's hey, i met a hot girl on the play ground. >> you are so scarily accurate. this is how he starts it. [ bleep ]. this story is entirely about a girl kayla. >> she's sexy. i like her. i want to win her over. ben, another guy in a class, who plays with us. >> he wants to take her away from ben but apparently kayla is not just into ben. >> kayla likes tons of people. she likes chris. he's in our band. he's the bass player b-a-s-e, bass. our band is good as balls. >> it's all about trying to win kayla over. let's see how it goes on day two. >> i'm too tired for you, diary no offense. goodig >> obviously falling off the wagon. >> the story continues on february 24th. >> today i gave kayla my extra chicken nugget and her friend sarah said that was so sweet,
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but i just say whatever. >> thug life! he's giving away the nuggets. >> today i'm going to get a cd that has simple plan all over it and blink 182. those bands make me feel so cool when i listen like i could get all the ladies or something, kiss all of them and then be home by midnight. >> the mind of a 10-year-old. >> girl crazy. >> you can hear the hormones raging through his body. >> she looks so hot today. she looks so hot today that i got a five-second boner. >> what? he actually put that in his >> call him, kayla. he's got nuggets. >> and a five-second boner. >> a guy gets up close with a spider but are you ready to --
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>> get freaked out of your skin? >> what happens when dude be.
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why i like it so >> you guys ready to get the willies? get freaked out of your skin? >> spiders? >> yes. this video is a spider that's really going to >> how is he doing that? >> i believe this is an australian orb weaving spider. [ shouting ] >> it's on me! >> that's why you have a zoom lens bro. you don't have to get close. >> it's still just a spider. not like it's going to instantly consume your body. >> it's an australian spider. they've got just thousands of spiders that want to kill you in australia. >> this is in fact an orb weaving spider. its bites are very very rare and it is nontoxic. nonvenomous. this is just a friendly little garden spider.
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>> i would have had almost the same reaction if that thing had jumped on me. i would have immediately started screaming that high-pitched scream. >> they vary in size. the female is the largest, can get to be about an inch. that's a big spider. [ shouting ] >> it's on me! >> that's it for us here at "right this minu
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